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Google is Changing BigQuery Pricing - Here's What You Need to Know

Google Workspace isn't the only Google business product seeing a shift in pricing. The company is also rolling out changes to BigQuery, including three pricing tiers, as well as some improvements to how the platform handles processing your data.

We'll provide a quick summary of the pricing tiers and changes to the platform below. If you're interested in assistance to navigate these updates and minimizing the impact to your budget, reach out to Promevo. We're Google Cloud Partners with a full team dedicated to helping you build and service your cloud, including security and development.

First, the current flat-rate annual, month and flex models will no longer be offered as of July 5, 2023. Current clients on those plans will be able to stay on those plans through the end of their commitments, however.

The price of on-demand analysis will be increasing by 25% on that same day.

So what's the new model? Google Cloud is introducing three pricing tiers:

  1. Standard ($.04 per slot hour) - perfect for standard database analysis, development, test workloads
  2. Enterprise ($.06 per slot hour) - increased security, governance, machine learning and data management features
  3. Enterprise Plus ($.10 per slot hour) - targeted at mission-critical workloads that demand high uptime, availability and recovery requirements, or have complex regulatory needs

The Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans come with discounts on annual commitments, including up to 40% off with a three year commitment.

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Google is enhancing the platform to help users get more for their dollars. New capacity auto scaling means you only pay for what you use, with resources scaling up and down automatically. In combination with new compression enhancements, you'll require less data storage, so there will be less of a physical load on your bill.

All in all, the toll of the pricing changes will vary based on how you use BigQuery and the data within. Promevo's team of dedicated Google Cloud developers can help with a full cloud health check - as well as help with the downstream tools and processes relying on the data.

Promevo is committed to helping our clients maximize their investment and find the right plan that balances budget and utility - across all Google products. If your organization utilizes BigQuery and you're looking to minimize the effects of the price increase, reach out to us here and we'll walk you through the possibilities.