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Google Workspace Pricing Update: What’s Changing & How It’ll Impact You

Google Workspace recently announced pricing updates with additional flexible and commitment payment options to provide customers with more options. These updates impact Annual Plans, Flexible Plans for most Google Workspace plans, and local currency pricing. 

If you’re reading this, chances are your prices are increasing. Promevo is here to help you understand these updates and how they may impact your subscription. And as a Google Partner, we can help you create a plan to mitigate the price increases and make the most of your Workspace account.


Annual Plan & Flexible Plan Updates

The most significant group impacted by the price increases will be organizations on Flexible plans. Depending on the specific plan, this group could see monthly prices rise by as much as 20%.

However, moving to an Annual Plan might maintain those current prices, as long as the organization is willing to commit to a longer-term agreement. (If you’re interested in exploring this option, reach out to us as soon as possible!)

On a Workspace Annual Plan, a customer can commit to a product and license count for a minimum of 12 months. Additional offers for multi-year commitments may be available. Customers on annual plans can pay their invoices monthly or annually. 

The Flexible Plan offers an option where customers pay as they go without commitment and can add or delete users anytime. Flexible plans include a higher price per unit per month, but allow for flexibility to decrease license count on command.


Why Are Prices Increasing?

New features and enhancements are being added to Google Workspace, including more than 300 upgrades in 2022 alone. These upgrades aim to improve security and reliability and move teams toward the future of work. Some of these exciting upgrades include:

  • AI-powered data, threat protection capabilities, and phishing and malware protections in Calendar and Drive.
  • Tools to improve customer connection, including appointment scheduling and email marketing in Gmail.
  • Features in Google Meet and Chat that make it easier for hybrid workers to connect from anywhere.

As Workspace evolves, customers can look forward to new features and upgrades that make collaboration easier, streamline processes, and help grow business.

Starting March 14, 2023, the updated pricing is as follows:

     Workspace Edition

Flexible Plan

Annual Plan 

     Business Starter

$7.20 USD

$6.00 USD

     Business Standard

$14.40 USD

$12.00 USD

     Business Plus

$21.60 USD

$18.00 USD

     Enterprise Standard

$27.60 USD

$23.00 USD

     Enterprise Plus

$36.00 USD

$30.00 USD


$6.00 USD

$5.00 USD

* All pricing is per user, per month.

Additional Updates

Google Workspace additional skus that are impacted include add-on products such as Archived User ( AU ), Vault, and Appsheet.

     Workspace Edition

Flexible Plan

 Annual Plan 




     Business Starter AU



     Business Standard AU



     Business Plus AU



   Cloud Identity Premium



     Enterprise Standard AU



     Enterprise Plus AU







Additional Pricing Updates

Google is also increasing the price of Google Workspace Enterprise Standard on both flexible and annual options to reflect the value they’ve added to the edition, including security controls and administrative features designed for large enterprises. (Note that Enterprise Plus pricing is only going up for flex plan subscribers and not annual commitments.)

Local currency pricing will also be adjusted to maintain alignment with exchange rates to the U.S. dollar. 

This new pricing will roll out starting April 2023 and through 2024, depending on factors like contract terms, number of user licenses, and payment plans. These changes can happen automatically and are subject to change at any time dependent upon Google’s policies. 

Promevo can help you navigate these changes! If you’re a Promevo client, reach out to your Promevo Client Success Manager (or email clientsuccess@promevo.com).

If you’re not a Promevo client and have concerns or questions about the price increase, contact us today and we’ll help you build a plan. 


Why Promevo?

As a certified Google partner, Promevo understands that navigating the features and functionalities of Workspace isn’t always simple. That’s why our experts are here to give you the support you need in your Google journey.

Whether your company is purchasing Google Workspace licenses for the first time, renewing, or just wants more benefits by transferring your billing, Workspace is more powerful when combined with Promevo. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our in-house expertise that delivers custom solutions to your problems and pain points, and uses data and innovation to drive results. 

Want to learn more about the GWS price increase? Let Promevo help you get the most out of Google Workspace. Contact us today to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Google Workspace billed monthly?

There is a range of payment plans available through Google Workspace. Learn more about payment and pricing here. You can also contact Promevo, a certified Google partner, for more information.

What is the difference between G Suite and Google Workspace?

G Suite is the former name of Google Workspace. As the system has evolved and grown, it’s been rebranded as Google Workspace to represent the product vision more accurately.

How do I reduce my Google Workspace price?

If you want to adjust your Workspace pricing, work with a certified Google partner for help. Promevo can help your organization adapt your Workspace plan and pricing to meet your needs better.


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