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Why ChromeOS Devices Are a Great Choice for Emergency Services

From filing paperwork and communicating with colleagues to quickly toggling between different business-critical applications, emergency services is a fast-paced industry with minimal room for error. That’s why fire departments, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and paramedics, and other support personnel rely on secure, reliable, and easy-to-use devices to successfully complete their daily responsibilities.

Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and other ChromeOS devices have emerged as a viable option for emergency services organizations. Not only are they fast and user-friendly, but they’re also durable, secure, and cost-effective. 


ChromeOS Versus MacOS Versus Microsoft Windows  

When shopping for new computers, companies typically turn to one of three operating systems: Google ChromeOS, Apple (i.e., MacOS), or Microsoft Windows. 

We explored the key differences between these operating systems in a previous blog. One common distinction is that devices that use MacOS or Microsoft Windows tend to have more RAM and storage than ChromeOS devices. 

However, what ChromeOS lacks in these areas, it more than makes up for with its other robust features. Overall, consumers favor ChromeOS for its:  

  • Accessibility: ChromeOS is a rapidly growing operating system that is becoming a go-to for many users and organizations. It leverages the power and versatility of the Chrome browser, which is the most commonly used browser in the world. Users have access to a wide range of web applications and extensions on a secure system.
  • Affordability: ChromeOS is incredibly affordable, allowing users to purchase a reliable device for a fraction of the cost of competitors. ChromeOS runs on Linux, meaning users can expect a higher level of security than other systems. 
  • Compatibility: Chromebook users can access Android apps via the Google Play Store as well as Linux-based applications. 
  • Manageability: For businesses, using Chromebooks can reduce the need for IT professionals to manage devices. Chromebooks can run alongside other devices using ChromeOS as well. 
  • Interoperability: ChromeOS plays well with others. Regardless of the device you have, you are able to utilize it across the board. 
  • Security: ChromeOS offers top of the line security features to protect users from online threats. 
  • Flexibility: Programs like ChromeOS Flex allow users of personal computers and enterprise devices to run on ChromeOS. This is a game changer for devices that can't support their own OS any longer. Older laptops and desktops that would normally be rendered unusable are given new life with ChromeOS Flex.  

Now, let’s look at how ChromeOS devices benefit emergency services specifically. 


The Benefits of ChromeOS for Emergency Services

Simple Setup & Maintenance

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are relatively easy to set up and maintain, making them ideal for quickly deploying devices to different stations or units within an emergency services organization.

IT personnel can also remotely manage and configure ChromeOS devices, ensuring uniformity and ease of maintenance. 


When it comes to your upfront investment, ChromeOS devices are typically more affordable than traditional laptops. 

MacBooks typically start at $1,000 per device while other laptops range between $300 to $3,000 per device, according to Business News Daily. Chromebooks, on the other hand, can cost as low as $150 or $200. 

Durable & Portable

Chromebooks are generally durable yet  lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry in emergency vehicles or during on-site operations. This portability ensures that emergency services personnel have access to vital information and tools wherever they go.

Increased Speed & Battery Life

Speed and longevity are crucial in the world of emergency services. 

Fortunately, Chromebooks take less than 10 seconds to boot and can run for 10 to 14 hours on average (depending on the particular device) with just one charge. 

Easy Access to Web-Based Tools & Applications

ChromeOS devices are designed for cloud-based computing, allowing access to essential web-based tools and applications. 

Fire departments, EMTs, and paramedics can use cloud-based applications for incident reporting, data analysis, training, documentation and other mission-critical workflows.

Increased Collaboration & Communication

Like all Google products, ChromeOS devices are specifically designed to facilitate seamless collaboration among users. These computers work best with Google Workspace, Google’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools, software and products. 

Firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs can use Google Workspace for real-time document sharing, scheduling, communication, and other collaborative efforts during emergencies.

Enhanced Security Features

ChromeOS comes with built-in security features and automatic updates, enhancing the security of sensitive information, incident reports, and other critical data stored or accessed on the devices.

Together, these features make ChromeOS devices a viable option for emergency services. However, as with any technology adoption, it's important to assess your organization’s specific needs and requirements to ensure this solution is right for you and your team.


Get Started With ChromeOS Devices for Emergency Services

Are you part of an emergency services organization interested in migrating to ChromeOS? Then, contact Promevo. 

As a Google Premier Partner, Promevo takes a holistic approach to your Google investment. From ChromeOS device solutions to Google Workspace management solutions,  Promevo partners with you to ensure your success in your Google journey.

You can shop ChromeOS devices on our online store or get in contact with one of our sales reps if you have more questions. If you need additional support or training, we are here for you. All Promevo customers get free support from our Google-certified specialists. You can also search our Knowledge Base, talk to our support team, or even schedule a free training session.


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