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What is ChromeOS Flex?

Google ChromeOS Flex brings older devices back to life. With a free and simple installation, your devices can access a quick, modern, cloud-first operating system. ChromeOS Flex allows you to accelerate and scale business operations with Google productivity tools and resources. 


What is Google Chrome ChromeOS Flex? 

ChromeOS Flex is the cloud-first operating system for PCs and Macs deployable across your entire fleet. Expand your devices’ lifespan with a simple installation. ChromeOS Flex can be deployed on existing hardware to refresh devices instead of replacing them. 

ChromeOS Flex offers a modern computing experience at scale with out-of-the-box features:

  • Security protection: Proactive security protects against threats like ransomware, malware, and employee errors. Prevent data loss and recover compromised devices quickly with advanced IT controls.
  • Rapid deployment & easy management: Deploy ChromeOS Flex quickly via USB or through your network. Manage apps and policies easily from anywhere. 
  • Fast machines with less downtime: Cloud technology means your devices won’t slow down over time. Reduce downtime with automatic background updates. 
  • Sustainable business practices: Reduce e-waste by renewing existing hardware. ChromeOS Flex also reduces device energy consumption by 19%. 

ChromeOS Flex vs. ChromeOS

While Google ChromeOS is a hardware-based operating system, ChromeOS Flex is cloud-native. ChromeOS Flex can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices and provide most of the same features as ChromeOS. 

Though both operating systems share the same foundational technology and management tools, there are a few key differences. 


ChromeOS Flex offers excellent protection through its cloud functionality that eliminates the need for antivirus software. ChromeOS offers uncrackable hardware that will force re-enrollment in case a device is compromised.

VMs and Apps

ChromeOS Flex currently does not support Android apps or Google Play. For Mac users, Parallels Desktop through ChromeOS Flex does not support running Windows virtual machines (VMs). 


Both systems can be managed from the easy-to-use Google Admin Console. However, ChromeOS supports zero-touch enrollment, while ChromeOS Flex does not. 

Other hardware functionality and security features differ between ChromeOS Flex and ChromeOS. Find out more information here.

From CloudReady to ChromeOS Flex

All CloudReady devices will update to ChromeOS Flex. Devices currently using CloudReady for their organizations will need Chrome Education Upgrade or Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Devices will now have access to integrations like Smart Lock and Instant Tethering. Updated devices will also support Google Assistant.


Why Should You Use ChromeOS Flex?

For a faster operating system on legacy devices, ChromeOS Flex provides a highly secure, easy-to-manage solution.

Ars Technica defined ChromeOS Flex as “an ideal off-ramp for millions of PCs that can’t run on Windows 11.” Upgrade your entire fleet of devices instead of replacing or purchasing new ones.

You’ll also be able to deploy devices for specialized use cases for like:

  • Kiosks 
  • Digital signage 
  • Customer self-service, and more. 

Google Admin Console allows you to manage all your devices easily from a singular platform. Reduce security risks and increase productivity with ChromeOS Flex apps and resources.


Why Promevo?

Promevo™ is your trusted Google service partner. We work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a custom solution designed to scale with your business as it grows.

If your organization is considering ChromeOS Flex as its next operating system, let Promevo offer expert insight. 


Advantages of Partnering with Promevo 

  • End-to-end solutions specific to your needs - We provide our partners with everything they need for their Google Cloud journey, including software licenses, hardware, professional services, and continuous support and customization. 
  • Certifications and Google expertise - Our Google Certified Cloud Architects and Engineers support our clients with unparalleled technical support and Google expertise.
  • Packaged solutions for a quick start on projects - Promevo offers our partners a suite of packaged cloud solutions to accelerate project timelines and streamline business strategy and implementation. 
  • Through Advisory Workshops, we leverage our Google expertise to guide our clients throughout their app development, cloud transformation, or other engineering support to maximize organizational success. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ChromeOS Flex worth it?

ChromeOS Flex is a sustainable way to reduce e-waste and conserve energy consumption.

Instead of phasing out older devices, you give them new life with the ChromeOS Flex competitive operating system. Overall it saves money and helps the environment. 

Is ChromeOS Flex better than Windows 11?

ChromeOS Flex provides more versatility than Windows 11 because it can be used on older devices. Some legacy devices won’t support Windows 11 without manual hardware upgrades.

ChromeOS Flex provides cloud-first features, a simple UI, and free installation.


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