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Standard or Enterprise: Which gPanel® Tier Is Right for You?

As a Google Workspace administrator, managing user accounts, permissions, and organizational data can be a daunting task without the right management platform.

Enter gPanel®, a powerful administrative tool created by Promevo, designed to simplify Google Workspace management and provide essential insights. For years, gPanel has given businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations the tools they need to effectively manage their users and streamline workflows while safeguarding their most sensitive data.

There are three core gPanel tiers: Starter, Standard, and Enterprise, which is our newest addition to the platform. Each tier offers a robust feature set at different price points to help you meet your organizational goals. 

Let’s compare the Standard or Enterprise tiers so you can choose the right one for your organization. 


What Is gPanel? 

Watch this short video for a brief introduction to the gPanel platform. 


What Is gPanel® Standard? 

gPanel Standard is designed to streamline Google Workspace management for businesses of all sizes.

The Standard tier costs $20 per user/annually and is a great entry point for administrators who are new to the gPanel platform but still want to harness the power of their Workspace environment. It’s also ideal for organizations that don’t require as advanced a feature set as Enterprise users.

gPanel Standard offers a range of essential features to ensure smooth user and data management:

  • User Management: gPanel Standard allows administrators to create, edit, and delete user accounts effortlessly. You can manage user roles, reset passwords, and enforce security measures to protect sensitive information.
  • Email Management: With gPanel Standard, administrators gain control over email settings, including alias management, email forwarding, and access to email logs for troubleshooting.
  • Drive Management: Administrators can oversee users' Google Drive storage, access permissions, and sharing settings, helping to optimize data security and collaboration.
  • Groups and Calendar Management: gPanel Standard facilitates the management of Google Groups and Calendar resources, ensuring efficient team communication and scheduling.

What Is gPanel® Enterprise? 

While gPanel Standard provides essential Google Workspace management capabilities, gPanel Enterprise takes it up a notch with advanced reporting and our new gPanel® API. 

Let's delve into the exclusive features of the Enterprise tier:

  • gPanel® API: One of the most powerful additions to gPanel Enterprise is the inclusion of an API (Application Programming Interface). This integration enables businesses to connect gPanel with other third-party applications or internal systems, expanding the scope of automation and customizing Google Workspace management processes to align with specific organizational needs.
  • Advanced Reporting: gPanel Enterprise offers comprehensive reporting tools that deliver invaluable insights into your Google Workspace usage. Administrators can access detailed analytics on user activities, email traffic, storage usage, and more. These reports empower organizations to identify trends, optimize resources, and enhance productivity. Plus, our data spans users’ full lifecycle, going above and beyond the six-month activities reports available in Google Admin console.
  • Enhanced Security: gPanel Enterprise allows administrators to easily monitor documents that users have shared with external audiences, thereby giving them more control over their company’s data. These insights help organizations practice better enterprise security and facilitate compliance with industry regulations, data protection policies, and internal governance requirements.
  • Customizability and Scalability: The gPanel API integration allows organizations to customize and scale their Google Workspace management strategies as they grow. This adaptability ensures that gPanel Enterprise remains a valuable tool even as business requirements evolve over time.

How to Choose the Right gPanel Tier

Choosing the right gPanel tier for your organization is a critical decision that requires thorough consideration and collaboration among all relevant stakeholders.

To ensure a successful selection process, involve any decision-makers and administrators who will be actively using the system on a daily basis. By including key personnel, you can gather diverse perspectives, understand specific needs, and ensure that the chosen gPanel tier aligns with your organization's goals and workflows.

Scheduling demos with the Promevo team is also immensely valuable. These demonstrations offer hands-on experience with the platform, allowing administrators to assess the user interface, functionality, and overall ease of use.

During the demo, focus on how each tier addresses your specific pain points and streamlines management tasks. Ask questions and seek clarifications to ensure a comprehensive understanding of gPanel's potential benefits and limitations for your organization.

Finally, consider scalability and future needs. As your organization grows, so will your Google Workspace requirements. Evaluate the long-term potential of both gPanel tiers in accommodating your expansion plans.

The API integration offered by gPanel Enterprise is particularly advantageous in this regard, as it allows for customization and adaptability to meet changing demands.


Get Started With the Standard & Enterprise gPanel Tiers 

Both the gPanel Standard and Enterprise tiers offer a robust set of features for Google Workspace administrators, making Google Workspace management a breeze.

However, the advanced reporting and API integration of gPanel Enterprise provide an edge for businesses seeking to optimize their operations, improve security, and gain deeper insights into their Google Workspace usage.

Whether you're a small business looking for essential management tools or an enterprise with complex Google Workspace requirements, gPanel has the solution. 

Are you ready to embrace the power of gPanel and unlock the full potential of your Google Workspace experience? Contact sales now to schedule a demo of gPanel Standard and Enterprise. If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest software updates, subscribe to our newsletter.


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