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Understanding Zero-Touch Enrollment

Manually enrolling individual corporate-owned ChromeOS & Android devices can be time-consuming for IT administrators. It also increases the risk of mistakes and leaves unenrolled devices vulnerable to security issues. Fortunately, there is a simpler way to set up and enforce management on a large scale. 

Android zero-touch enrollment (ZTE), also referred to as zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), is a fast, easy, and secure way to deploy work-managed devices in bulk.

Zero-touch enrollment empowers companies to mobilize their employees and customize each managed device to every user’s unique needs. This guide will help you get started in just a few steps.


What Is Zero-Touch Enrollment?

Zero-touch enrollment is a feature that allows corporations to configure purchased work devices remotely before they are delivered to end-users. These devices can be personalized with full management and applications according to each employee’s needs.

The process is quick and straightforward. Zero-touch enrollment gives employees a fully functional, ready-for-work device when they open the box.

Zero-touch automates the deployment of managed devices at scale, which reduces the burden on IT admins and makes setup seamless. Additionally, IT can maintain control, security policies, and restrictions out of the box. With zero-touch device provisioning, devices remain registered to your organization’s management even after a factory reset.


How Does Zero-Touch Enrollment Work?

There are a few requirements for using Google’s zero-touch enrollment. Here is what your organization will need:

  • Purchased ChromeOS devices from an authorized Chrome Enterprise reseller or Google partner such as Promevo.
  • The infrastructure for mobile device management (MDM) to support zero-touch enrollment.
  • A Google account connected with your corporate email. The reseller will need it to create a zero-touch account. You should not use your personal Google account for zero-touch enrollment.
  • An Android zero-touch enrollment account. When you purchase zero-touch devices from a reseller partner, they will set up a customer account for you. You will use the zero-touch enrollment portal to access this account. The zero-touch portal allows you to manage your company-owned Android devices online.

When it first boots up, a managed device checks if it was assigned an enterprise configuration. Then, the device initiates fully managed device provisioning and downloads a device policy controller application.

The app automatically completes the setup process. Device users can begin working with all the apps and security they need without the assistance of IT.


How to Set up ZTE

When you are ready to deploy Android devices to your organization through zero-touch enrollment, sign in to your zero-touch portal account. Complete the following steps to finish enrollment.

  1. Contact your reseller and have them assign the ChromeOS devices you purchased to your account. They will give you the login credentials to access the zero-touch enrollment portal.
  2. Once in the portal, you can create multiple enterprise mobility management (EMM) configurations for custom device provisioning. You can also set up a default configuration for all new zero-touch Android devices. The zero-touch portal allows you to manage device users, unregister devices, and add or remove resellers.
  3. You can map zero-touch configurations automatically through your enterprise mobility management default configuration or to individual Android devices with batch CSV upload.
  4. Ship the devices directly to your employees. When they turn on their device, all they need to do is follow the setup wizard to get it running with full management enforced.
  5. If you need to create and deploy a new Android Enterprise zero-touch configuration to devices, you can do so through the zero-touch enrollment portal. You may apply configurations to one or multiple devices.

About Promevo

When your organization is ready to invest in productivity, collaboration, and growth, the Promevo team will get you there with end-to-end Google solutions.

As a trusted Google partner, we have the expertise, tools, and support to help you seamlessly implement Chrome device solutions and Google Workspace management solutions. 

We are here to help you reimagine the way your team works. Contact us for more information. Promevo customers get free support and training from our Google-certified specialists.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of zero-touch enrollment?

The primary advantage of zero-touch enrollment is that it streamlines configuring and provisioning of company-owned ChromeOS devices. Zero-touch automatically provisions Android devices with enforced management before they are shipped so employees can use their brand-new, pre-configured device straight out of the box.

Is zero-touch enrollment free?

Yes, this service is free to use. However, zero-touch devices must be purchased from an Android Enterprise reseller or Google partner. Standard retailers do not carry devices that support Android zero-touch enrollment.


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