How to Transfer Google Workspace Data

Transferring your Google Workspace data from one Google partner to another is easy when you work with a qualified team. Promevo is a certified Google Partner here to help you at every step of the process. Before detailing how to transfer or migrate your Workspace data, note a few key points regarding Google transfers:

  • Workspace transfers are non-reversible.
  • Transferring subscriptions won’t affect your Workspace data or availability. You can access and use your Google services as needed during the transfer.
  • You can transfer all or just some of your subscriptions (Google Workspace, Cloud Identity, and add-on subscriptions like Google Workspace Additional Storage).
  • Your subscription enters a trial period once transferred, and details are emailed to your super administrator.

Transferring Google Workspace Data

To transfer Workspace data to a new reseller, first have your new Google Partner generate a transfer token. This token authorizes the new seller to take over the management of your account. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your reseller for their 9-digit character public identifier.
  2. Sign in to Google Admin console as a super administrator.
  3. Go to “Retrieve Transfer Token.”
  4. Enter the identifier you got from your reseller, then click “Confirm Reseller Identifier.” 
  5. Review the terms and conditions, then click “Generate Transfer Token.”
  6. Let your reseller know you’ve generated the token, and they can begin the transfer.

If your reseller can’t generate the transfer, sign in again and complete the steps above. Transfer issues can happen if the token expires, which occurs after 14 days. Transfer issues can also happen if you make changes to your subscription (such as cancellation) after generating the token but before the reseller completes the transfer. Promevo’s team of Google certified experts is here to help when you need us during a Workspace transfer.

How to Delete Your Existing Google Workspace Account and Start Over

If, instead of transferring your subscription, you need to delete your Workspace account and start over, remember to save billing records, user data, and Google site files. If you have massive amounts of user data, it’s best to work with a professional organization to help you secure this information. Once your existing Workspace account is gone, all your stored data will disappear, and you won’t be able to restore Google Drive files or other material. This includes Gmail messages, Google contacts, Google Calendar events, and more.

Here are additional steps you need to take to delete your existing Google Workspace account:

  1. Delete any Google Workspace Marketplace applications you’ve used. In the Google Admin console, go to the menu, click “Apps,” then “Google Workspace Marketplace Apps,” and finally, “Apps List.” Here you can manage and delete Marketplace apps.
  2. Save and delete any Google Cloud data you have. Depending on how many Google Cloud developer projects you manage, you may need professional assistance.
  3. Cancel all of your active Google Workspace subscriptions. Under the Google Admin console, go to the Menu, click “Billing,” then “Subscriptions.” Here, you can delete subscriptions.
  4. Now delete your account. Go to the Admin console menu, click “Account,” then “Account Settings,” and finally, “Account Management.” You’ll see “Delete Account,” and you’ll need to confirm this action before completing it.

Why Promevo

Promevo is a trusted service partner for Google Workspace deployment and Google migrations. We give our partners the tools they need to navigate their Google Workspace journey, whether they need help updating user permissions, deleting an inactive account, or migrating their entire system. Contact Promevo today to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if an employee leaves a Google Workspace?

If employees leave a Google Workspace, you can keep the account active, suspend, archive or delete their account. Their data won’t disappear, but they won’t be able to access your Workspace services.

How do I merge two Google Workspace accounts?

First, save all user data from the Google Workspace account you want to delete. Then, you can delete that account, go into the other account, and add the domain as a secondary domain or an alias domain. You’ll then need to go through the process of verifying the domain and Gmail setup, Then, you’ll need to create the user account. Finally, you can import data.

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