What is Verified Boot in ChromeOS?

Verified boot in ChromeOS is a helpful way to make sure your Chromebook is as secure as possible.


Before we jump into what verified boot is, let's first learn a little about ChromeOS. ChromeOS is the operating system for Chromebooks and other Chrome devices. It's designed to be fast and responsive, so your device reacts quickly even when you’re streaming videos or have multiple tabs and apps open.

ChromeOS updates automatically without interruptions, so your Chromebook is always running the most up-to-date software without breaking your work flow. ChromeOS has many different features to increase speed, simplicity, and security. One of these many features is verified boot.

Verified boot in ChromeOS

So what is verified boot in ChromeOS? A verified boot is a sort of self-check, performed each time your Chromebook starts up. When a Chromebook detects foul play, meaning the system has been tampered with or corrupted in any way, the Chromebook repairs itself by reverting to a previous operating system and be good as new. So even if malware manages to escape the sandbox, your Chromebook is still protected!

There is only a small list of known executable commands a Chrome device performs. Your Chrome device verifies and signs off on each command before it's performed so your device isn't filled with tons of unneeded software and downloads.

Your Chromebook also doesn’t allow any edits to its file system. With a read-only root file system, viruses or other malware don’t have the ability to change the file system. This prevents any harmful edits to the ChromeOS. The only edits that do apply to ChromeOS are the automatic updates for the entirety of your device. These background updates help ensure you have the most up-to-date and secure software running on your OS. This means more time to do what you want! A verified boot in ChromeOS is just one of the many ways the Google lifestyle can help with speed, simplicity, and security.

If you would like to learn more about Chrome devices, like how to Powerwash your Chromebook or what sandboxing is in ChromeOS, check out our Knowledge Base.

Chromebook security

Besides the reliable protection of verified boot, Chromebook devices offer an impressive range of security features to help users protect their data. Some of these features include:

  • Automatic updates - Traditional security updates can be a hassle to manage on traditional operating systems with software from multiple vendors. Every Chromebook device manages updates automatically to ensure the latest security measures are in place. 
  • Sandboxing - Each webpage and application on a Chromebook runs in a contained environment known as a “sandbox.” If a dangerous page is accessed, the threat is fully restricted and it can’t affect the other tabs and applications.
  • Data encryption - Chromebooks encrypt data like downloads, cookies, and browser cache files using tamper-resistant hardware. All important data from web apps are safely stored in the cloud.
  • Recovery mode - If something ever goes wrong with a Chromebook, the operating system can be restored to a previous good version with the push of a button.  


Chrome and Promevo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chromebook verified boot?

Verified boot is a type of self-check performed by Chromebooks each time they start up. This self-check detects if the system has been tampered with or corrupted and will usually repair itself without incident, taking the Chrome device back to a previous operating system.

What does verified boot do?

Verified boot detects any threats to ChromeOS and repairs the system to a fully operational state. 

What is the boot process of ChromeOS?

The ChromeOS boot process consists of 1) BIOS startup and kernel load, 2) kernel start and execution, and 3) user process startup. 

What is the difference between secure boot and verified boot?

Secure boot and verified boot are both software authentication frameworks. Verified boot is specific to Android devices and Google technology while secure boot is broadly used to refer to software authentication for a variety of platforms.

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