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The Advantages of Using ChromeOS for Contact Centers

Contact centers are increasingly leveraging cloud technologies and specialized solutions. ChromeOS emerges as one of the leading contact center solutions for managing, streaming, and automating customer service.

ChromeOS is an open-source environment that combines the best of Google's market-leading Chrome browser with powerful system-level applications and user-friendly tools.


The Benefits of ChromeOS for Contact Centers

ChromeOS offers device portability, security, and cost-effective enterprise solutions to help contact center organizations increase productivity and reduce costs.

ChromeOS is the latest in cloud computing technology, offering users a reliable and fast mobile experience that can help with contact centers, office computing, and other enterprise applications.

This technology also gives users a range of contact center solutions, including call center software and voice-over IP communications.


ChromeOS Tools & Solutions for Contact Centers

ChromeOS provides optimized contact center solutions to help contact center organizations manage customer interactions with an effective system. It includes features such as an automated attendant, embedded voice recognition, advanced search options, and email integration for more efficient customer service.

Contact center organizations can use ChromeOS to provide more efficient customer service through a streamlined contact center system. ChromeOS also supports advanced analytics and reporting to ensure data accuracy and improve customer experience.

Citrix Ready Validated Solution

ChromeOS and Citrix Workspace is a Citrix Ready verified solution. Businesses using ChromeOS have access to virtualization desktop infrastructure (VDI).

This solution is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution that offers flexibility, scalability, and reliability. ChromeOS provides broad tools to help enterprises to enhance agent productivity and customer engagement. Additionally, users can access real-time reporting and analytics, ensuring businesses leverage the correct data to maximize operations within contact centers.

Customer Service Management Tools

ChromeOS technology offers organizations a wide range of tools to help reduce the time it takes to train and manage customer service teams. With its contact center stack, ChromeOS makes it easier to manage customer interactions by providing advanced analytics to help managers understand customer preferences and accurate reporting. 

Secure Systems

ChromeOS is built on a cloud-first OS, providing security and remote management tools. Proactive and built-in security protects Chrome devices from viruses, ransomware, and employee negligence. Your Chromebook will remain updated with automatic security updates.

Other security features include verified boot, sandboxing technology, a read-only OS, blocked executables, Google Safe Browsing, and the Titan C security. ChromeOS helps ensure your data stays in the right hands.

Insights & Intelligence

Monitor ChromeOS device operation and health with Chrome Management Telemetry API. Monitor devices and get feedback to fuel decision-making. 

IT Management

Businesses can deploy devices quickly and easily to manage employee onboarding and turnover. Use IT tools and resources to:

  • Manage devices
  • Manage device policies
  • Send devices with zero-touch enrollment
  • Configure SAML single sign-on
  • Repurpose, repair, or retire ChromeOS devices
  • Manage guest session devices
  • Use API to integrate IT structure and manage Workspace at scale.

Choosing the Right ChromeOS Device

ChromeOS devices are optimized to handle high-volume tasks and can handle secure connections to services, allowing organizations to take on large projects with minimal overhead. These devices also feature streamlined collaboration tools and access cloud storage and file-sharing services, helping accelerate customer service delivery.

Dropship equipment with zero-touch enrollment. Deploy devices directly to agents, and users' apps, policies, and settings are downloaded automatically.

ChromeOS devices are designed for portability, optimized for accessibility, and built on the cloud. They provide users with a seamless experience of networking, productivity, and collaboration.

Browse the ChromeOS device ecosystem for compatible devices, peripherals, and accessories.


Why Promevo? 

Businesses looking to deploy these contact center solutions can partner with the Promevo Partner Engineering team. Our team works with organizations to identify their specific needs and build custom solutions that best meet them.

Promevo also provides ongoing support to ensure businesses are utilizing the best practices to maximize their contact center operations. From integration to deployment, the partner engineering team will provide the customer with a secure and reliable contact center solution.

Google has a contact center solution track under their Chrome Enterprise Recommended program that connects you with powerful software designed to work with ChromeOS. Contact a Promevo expert today to learn more about the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chromebooks be used for a call center?

Chromebooks optimize cloud technology to remain versatile in various industries, including call centers.

Can Chromebooks be used with call center applications?

Chromebooks can run apps like 8x8, Cisco, Edify, Five9, Genesys, Vonage, and RingCentral to power your team's communication.


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