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Keeping Business Practical: How Credibly is Saving Over $300 a Month with Google Workspace and Archived User

“Time is money.” One of the key phrases of the modern world; everyone knows this. Work being done well, on an efficient schedule, is an essential piece to any business plan or strategy. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding something completely new to help your employees, sometimes it just means your company needs to find what works for them.

Google Workspace is a set of cloud-based tools that helps you and your team collaborate from anywhere, on basically any device. Archived User is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing information critical to your business and preserving important data. Archived User allows Google Workspace customers to archive their end user’s data so that the same data can be made available to other users in the organization.

For Credibly, finding what worked for them meant Google Workspace, and by extent, Archived User. Pete Peric, the IT Systems Manager at Credibly, talked to us about his experience with Google Workspace.


Background on Credibly

Credibly is a financial technology company that provides small business loans and merchant cash advances to small and medium sized businesses. Credibly employs an estimated 160-170 employees, with every single one using Google Workspace. Credibly also keeps 39 Archived User licenses, which they use whenever someone leaves the company—on average, 1 per month.

Credibly is working towards their goal of simplifying existing systems within their company for easier IT administration tasks and streamlining processes for end-users in all departments. If their IT team could do this, it would improve efficiency by accessing and processing their company data faster.


How Credibly Landed on Promevo

Pete began working at Credibly about a year and a half ago, but the company has been using Google Workspace for an estimated 5 years. Credibly found Promevo through a recommendation by a Google rep.

Pete knows that Credibly chose Promevo as their Google partner primarily because of the offered White Glove services, better support for purchases, and Credibly’s need to purchase Hangouts Meet Kits.

Ultimately it was Pete and the CTO of Credibly that decided to go with Promevo. They evaluated their options and they knew exactly what they wanted from a Google partner—support for Hangouts Hardware, overall better support with products and services, and help with upgrading to Google Workspace.

Promevo is one of the largest Premier Google Workspace and Chromebook Resellers in North America, promising to focus on their customer’s Google journey. With thousands of satisfied Promevo customers, it was an easy choice for Credibly.

As far as what they wanted from Google Workspace and why they chose Google Workspace over other solutions, it was a process of elimination. Credibly didn’t want to deal with Outlook installation and corrupt user profile issues.

Since Credibly has implemented Google Workspace company-wide, it’s important to understand how it works. Pete, as the IT Manager, chose the self-taught route. He trained himself on the different uses of Google Workspace by using the many resources available to him. Pete used online documentation, Google Support, and the Promevo Support team. Pete says his experiences with the Promevo Support team have been excellent.

"It [Google Workspace] simply works, the only desktop client one needs is a browser.”

Despite originally buying Google Workspace for the purpose of beating out Microsoft, the company soon realized there was more to Google Workspace than meets the eye. Credibly quickly realized the Google Workspace software could be used in many different creative ways—one of which Pete explained was when the company attempted to use Google Sites for company intranet.

Along with Google Workspace, Credibly also uses Hangouts Meet and gPanel®, and they’ve considered the possibility of Chrome for Enterprise.


Tough Introductions Are Worth It

The best part of using Google Workspace, according to Pete, is the simplicity, Cloud collaboration, and the fact that it is clientless. Many teams and departments within Credibly rely most heavily on the Gmail feature of Google Workspace.

However, introducing Google Workspace into an Office environment is bound to create a few issues. Pete explained that some users within Credibly struggled to learn how Google Workspace works since they’ve become so accustomed to Microsoft Office — particularly Excel.

To overcome this, Credibly provided users that needed Excel with an Office365 license, but some of their users were able to overcome the learning curve with simple end-user training and sharing tips & tricks throughout their teams.

Overall, Pete believes Google Workspace has been a huge asset to the company. He mentioned how it eliminated issues before they could happen. Pete explained how Google Workspace has made Credibly more competitive in their industry by giving time back to IT to focus on other production applications.

"[Google Workspace] hardly ever has outages or issues. Being able to instantly find the email or document I’m looking for is a huge time saver.”


Money Well Saved

After Pete joined Credibly, he learned that they were regularly paying for a large amount of licenses for terminated employees. According to Pete, the best part of Archived User is that it’s a fraction of the cost of a regular Google Workspace license.

Archived User has been a huge asset to the company — saving Credibly an estimated $312 per month. It helped reduce licensing costs by temporarily freeing up a user license and giving the company more time to export emails and documents of a terminated user.

Pete plans to continue using Google Workspace and Archived User, while also looking into Chrome for Enterprise to see what it could offer Credibly. As for advice to other companies that are considering Google Workspace and Archived User, Pete encourages them to go for the change. Pete says it’s a no-brainer because anything you can do in Office you can do better in Google Workspace.

Overall, Pete is pleased with his company’s experience with Google Workspace and Archived User. Google Workspace helps save Credibly precious time and Archived User helps save money. Credibly’s strategic thinking to use Google Workspace and Archived User in combination have allowed them to maximize production and gain a solid edge of competition in their industry.

"Using Google Workspace eliminated Outlook & Office issues, and eliminated 3-5 tickets per week. Many times these tickets would take hours to resolve, or the worse case scenario was to reformat their PC.”

"I have been a user of Microsoft Office products for 20 years, I myself at first was hesitant to start using Google Docs & Sheets. I decided to dip my toe in the water about 5 years ago and quickly realized how much easier it is. The best thing is I do not have to worry about where I saved my file. Being able to easily share and collaborate in real time is truly a time-saver. When I first came to Credibly and began to not only administer, but be an end-user of Google Workspace; I quickly realized the value Google Workspace has on both sides of the spectrum.”


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