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LLA Therapy Migrates From Microsoft to Google Workspace

LLA Therapy is a pediatric therapy practice that provides behavior, occupational, physical, reading, and speech therapy.

LLA Therapy strives to include parents, family members, and other healthcare professionals in the therapy process to ensure their patients are receiving the highest quality of care.


The Challenge

Matt Hagge, Director of Business Development at LLA Therapy, needed some help streamlining their communication and productivity. LLA Therapy works with over 60 school districts all over northeast Ohio and some employees are strictly remote so they were struggling to keep everyone aligned.

Hagge explains, “We were really struggling with a couple things: how to give out materials effectively without doing like email attachments all the time, how to make access for our therapists easy, and then we were also looking for a way to improve our communication.”

Prior to their migration, LLA Therapy had been using an assortment of different tools partnered with Microsoft Office Suite. Hagge says, “I wanted it to be one system. One thing just makes it so much more convenient versus bouncing around different applications.”

Being in such a collaborative field, they needed a way to streamline communication so they could focus on providing the best care to their patients.


The Solution

While searching for a solutions provider, Hagge wanted someone that would listen to their pain points and offer a solution that would help them. Promevo helped LLA Therapy migrate to Google Workspace and they’ve never looked back.

“It just made us a better company as far as access to things and collaboration,” Hagge says about Google Workspace. LLA Therapy utilizes Drive, Hangouts, Google Meet, Gmail, Calendars, and more.

One of the biggest Google Workspace features that LLA Therapy uses in their day to day operation is Currents. “We implemented Currents and it’s changed the way we do things tremendously. It’s a safe place where people can engage and interact.”

This has dramatically improved their productivity by ensuring that all their staff can effectively communicate and share their teachings between each other and their clients.


The Results

  • Improved communication
  • Saved time, as now users can access their content without needing additional assistance from IT
  • Cost savings


“We ultimately decided to go with Promevo because they were very good at communicating and being able to just meet with us and listen to our needs and not oversell us.”

- Matt Hagge, Director of Business Development at LLA Therapy



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