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The 20 Best ChromeOS Apps

Anyone who has recently purchased a Chromebook will probably wonder what apps they should add to their device.

In recent years, Google has added support for Android and Linux apps on ChromeOS, giving users even more options. From productivity apps that will save you time to must-have entertainment, here are 20 ChromeOS apps will appeal to every user.


Best Web Apps on ChromeOS

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular Chromebook apps for a reason. This workhorse of ChromeOS apps allows you to sync all of your data in one place. You'll want to set up Google Drive immediately to take advantage of the cloud-based OS. Documents from Google Docs, photos, shared folders, and more are accessible with this cloud storage app.

Google Keep

This notebook-inspired app saves your personal notes, doodles, ideas, and more. Designed to look like a journal, you can keep track of your creativity by saving your ideas in Google Keep. Access them anywhere and anytime to make completing projects a breeze.


It certainly is now if it wasn't a necessity before 2020. Add this ChromeOS native app to connect with contacts over video chat. The Skype app makes it easy to stay in touch with people from all over the world. Whether you use it for work, school, or to keep in touch with loved ones - Skype is a must-have for any Chromebook.


It may seem obvious, but don't forget to set up your Gmail account in the Google Play Store app when you get a new ChromeOS device. Never miss a message when you're on the go. Workout classes, grocery shopping, or even a nature hike won't stop you from immediately checking and responding to emails.


From helpful tutorials to adorable cat videos, you can access all YouTube offers via your Chromebook. This native app seamlessly keeps track of your playlists and channel subscriptions so you can pick up where you left off.


Best Chrome Extensions for ChromeOS

Session Buddy

There's nothing more frustrating than accidentally closing out of a browser tab before you're done. Session Buddy lets you quickly pull up recently closed windows. Even better, this app keeps track of past browsing sessions so you can go back to a previous page, even if you don't quite remember how you navigated there originally. 

Checker Plus for Gmail

Maybe you want to keep an eye on your inbox but don't want to pull up the full Gmail app all the time just in case you've missed a message. Checker Plus for Gmail watches your incoming emails for you and adds a tally of unread emails to the top of your browser window.

Google Arts & Culture

For art lovers or museum buffs, this ChromeOS extension is a great app to add. It showcases exhibits from museums worldwide to view incredible art pieces and history collections right in your browser.

Turn Off The Lights

This video-enhancing app makes watching anything on your Chromebook a more cinematic experience. When toggled, this app turns down the brightness of a video's surrounding area, making it look more vibrant in comparison. If you want a better-looking, less distracting video-watching experience, Turn Off The Lights is a great option.


Next time you look up something on Wikipedia, enjoy a cleaner, more beautiful view. Wikiwand is a ChromeOS extension that allows you to view Wikipedia entries in the better-looking and easier-to-read Wikiwand format.


Best Android Apps for ChromeOS


Unsurprisingly, Netflix is one of the best Android apps for ChromeOS or at least one of the most popular. While there are some limitations on graphics quality to keep streaming smooth, this Android app is a great way to enjoy movies and shows from your Chromebook.


This messaging Android app is a recent addition to the list of Chromebook-compatible apps. Unlike its browser-based counterpart, Chromebook users will be happy to know that the app offers full video chat and messaging functionality.


Protect your account security with this handy password vault Android app. Bitwarden keeps track of your passwords in a secure location, so you never have difficulty logging in again.

Adobe Photoshop Express

While the full Adobe Photoshop program isn't available on ChomeOS, this streamlined version is one of the most impressive Android apps out there. Edit images just like the original with this progressive web app.

Twitter/ X

This classic social media app is now available as an app for your Chromebook. This Android app addition is a must for any social media-minded user.


Best Linux Apps for ChromeOS


If Adobe Photoshop Express isn't your favorite photo editing app, don't worry - you've got options. This classic open-source photo editor is simple to learn and runs well on any Chromebook.

Visual Studio Code

This Chrome app is a must for any aspiring or professional programmer. Write, debug, and modify your own code with this helpful programming application for ChromeOS.


Whether you're a professional content creator or just a hobbyist, Audacity is a great option for sound editing of all kinds. Create high-quality recordings simply and easily with this Linux for ChromeOS app.


Any gamer will be glad to know Steam is now available for ChromeOS. All you need is an internet connection to use your gaming account from anywhere in the world.

Master PDF Editor

Anyone who has designed or edited a PDF knows it can be challenging without the right software. Master PDF Editor is a great way to create high-quality PDFs on your ChromeOS device.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What apps can run on ChromeOS?

ChromeOS has many popular applications designed specifically for its cloud-based operating system. However, Android and Linux apps for ChromeOS are also recently available as Chromebook-compatible options.

What should I install on my Chromebook?

The versatility of ChromeOS means you've got an almost unlimited selection of applications to choose from. Take a look at the ChromeOS apps, ChromeOS extensions, Android for ChromeOS, and Linux for ChromeOS apps to see what appeals to you. From productivity apps to gaming and music - there's no wrong way to utilize your ChromeOS device.


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