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Promevo at Google Cloud Next 2023: A Recap

Google Cloud Next 2023 has come and gone, leaving us with a treasure trove of insights and innovations in the world of cloud transformation, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. 

This year's event was nothing short of spectacular, featuring keynote sessions, product launches, and thought-provoking talks from industry leaders — including Promevo’s own Chief Technology Officer, John Pettit! 

Let's dive into our Google Cloud Next recap and see how Promevo stood out from the crowd. 


Generative AI: The Real Star of the Show 

Whether you attended Google Cloud Next in person or virtually, there’s no doubt you heard the phrase generative artificial intelligence or “gen AI” countless times. And for good reason. 

According to a 2023 report by Accenture, 98% of executives believe AI will spark significant creativity and innovation, and 95% said it will usher in a new era of enterprise intelligence. 

Being a champion for collaboration and productivity themselves, Google has answered this belief by throwing its own hat in the generative AI ring. 

At Google Cloud Next 2023, the company announced the general availability of Duet AI for Google Workspace, Vertex AI Search, and Vertex AI Conversation. They also revealed that Duet AI for Google Cloud is now in preview featuring several new capabilities, with general availability coming later this year. 

Here at Promevo, we believe Duet AI will be a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their productivity and collaboration efforts. By infusing AI-powered intelligence into your existing tech stack, Duet AI will empower Workspace and Cloud users to work smarter, not harder, and collaborate with distributed teams much more effectively.  


Promevo Booth Edited

Promevo’s booth at Google Cloud Next 2023


Other Important Google Product Updates

Even though generative AI was perhaps the most talked-about update at Google Cloud Next, there were plenty of other product launches and updates to be excited about. 

For example, Google announced: 

  • New additions to the Vertex AI platform, including new models, an expansion of the PaLM 2 foundation model, and the introduction of Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF). 
  • Extensions of the Looker business intelligence ecosystem
  • The addition of new models and features to the general-purpose Compute Engine families
  • New features and capabilities added to the Google Distributed Cloud family
  • And much more! 

For a full list of all 161 announcements made at Google Cloud Next 2023, click here


Promevo: A Stand-Out Presence at Google Cloud Next 2023

Promevo, a Signature Sponsor of Google Cloud Next 2023 and a Premier Partner selling Google Cloud products, made a significant impact at this year's conference. Throughout the three-day event, our team spent an estimated 400 hours meeting with attendees, sharing valuable cloud expertise and inspiration. 

At the booth, our team demoed gPanel® Enterprise, the newest tier of our proprietary Google Workspace management and reporting solution. We also showcased our Cloud Health Checks, a service in which our certified Google Cloud Architects assess your cloud infrastructure and identify ways to get the most out of your investment.


Google Next Edited Image 4

The Promevo team at Google Cloud Next 2023


We were joined by partners Cameyo and BrainStorm, who demoed their Virtual App Delivery platform and software adopting training platform, respectively. Our partnership with these two organizations is a reflection of our commitment to providing end-to-end support for our clients’ Google Cloud journeys. 

On day two of the event, Promevo's very own CTO, John Pettit, delivered a Cloud Talk titled "Unlocking Hyperproductivity with Bard & Google AI.” In this session, Pettit explored the exciting possibilities that emerge when companies leverage Google's cutting-edge AI technologies. 

He explored the tangible benefits of Bard as well as Duet, Vertex, and other technologies, highlighting real-world data and potential use cases. Pettit also discussed how to start integrating these tools in your daily workflows, so you can empower your team to work smarter and more efficiently.  


Wrapping Up Google Cloud Next 2023

Google Cloud Next 2023 wasn’t just a conference; it was a glimpse into the future of technology and innovation — and that future looks pretty bright. 

We are especially excited about the general availability of Duet AI for Google Workspace and the other generative AI capabilities being added to the Google ecosystem. These tools will have a massive impact on productivity and, therefore, business growth. 

If you’d like to learn more about the robust capabilities of Duet AI, we encourage you to read our blog, download our one-pager and contact our team to schedule a demo. We’d love to show you how this powerful technology can help you reach your unique goals.

If you’d like to learn more about John Pettit’s Cloud Talk, “Unlocking Hyperproductivity with Bard & Google AI,” or revisit all of Google’s new AI initiatives, then join us on September 26, 2023 for a recap of Google Cloud Next 2023. Register here to watch the live event or receive the on-demand recording.  


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