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Optimizing Google Workspace Settings with gPanel Enterprise

If you’re looking to reimagine the way you use Google Workspace with intuitive features and streamlined management, you need gPanel®.

gPanel is Promevo’s exclusive software and security interface that automates routine administrative tasks and provides increased visibility and control over your users’ settings and data. 


What is gPanel®?

gPanel is Promevo’s exclusive Google Workspace reporting and management solution designed to make Workspace better for you.

Using our software, organizations and their Google administrators have the tools they need to manage users in their domain and protect sensitive data. Plus, our software allows admins to oversee files, email communications, and other internal processes. gPanel is a revolutionary tool for any size Workspace domain.


The Primary Benefits of gPanel

gPanel is constantly evolving and improved by customer feedback and suggestions. For that reason, this software is more than just a standard, out-of-the-box Workspace solution. It’s an intuitive, feature-rich software that perfectly complements Google Admin Console.

Some of the key benefits for your organization include:

  • Streamlining user management with easy control of Google Docs, Groups, Gmail, and more.
  • Ability to sync contacts from one user to another and vice versa.
  • Modifying Gmail signatures for anyone in your organization.
  • Viewing and managing the devices users have access to.
  • Generating comprehensive reports for documents, emails, groups, and more.
  • Customizing user and admin roles and specifying the actions they can take.
  • Searching text in any Drive document owned by any user in your domain.

gPanel & Google Workspace Settings: Key Features

We offer a variety of product tiers for gPanel to help you get the features you need. Our three core tiers include Starter, Standard, and Enterprise. Each tier offers a robust feature set at different price points to help you meet your organizational goals. Let's take a look at some of the key features available in all three tiers.

Centralized User Management

gPanel has a suite of user management capabilities that allow admins to control settings, update user profiles, and more. These features include:

  • User Management: Full domain listing of all users with a type-ahead search function.
  • Create/Delete Users: Add/remove users directly.
  • Add/Delete Users from Groups: View a listing of all current email groups a user is enrolled in, add users to an email group, bulk add users as a member to multiple email groups, or remove users from email groups individually and in bulk.
  • Update/Create Personal Contacts: View, add, edit, move, and delete a user’s personal contacts and contact groups, ability to search all contacts and export to a Google Sheet.
  • Update User Profile: Update user profile information that automatically syncs with Google contacts fields.
  • Import Contacts: Add individual or bulk contacts for a customized contact directory that is immediately accessible in the contact directory and Gmail’s “to field” for all users in the domain.
  • Create Aliases: View, edit, add or remove email aliases.
  • Force Password Reset: Single and multi-user force password reset on the next login.
  • Edit Gmail Forwarding: View, add, and delete email forwarding rules.
  • Edit Gmail Signatures: View and edit an individual user’s current Gmail signature.
  • Create Signature Templates: Create custom signature templates with any Google profile fields with the ability to include links, images, profile pictures, etc. These can then be applied to a user, group, OU, or your whole domain.
  • Create/Set Organizations: Add, move, and delete organizational units, as well as bulk move users from one organizational unit to another.
  • Create/Edit/Delete Calendars: Create, view, edit, and delete all calendar events on any domain-owned calendar.
  • Create/Edit/Delete Sites: Create, view, and edit site name, description, and theme, as well as edit user access to all domain-owned sites.
  • Show Email Quota: View email, drive, and total storage for each user.
  • Create Email Labels: View, create, edit, and delete Gmail labels for each user.

Group Administration

  • Mass Group Updates: Bulk Operations tool to update groups in bulk (Members, Roles, etc...)
  • Adding, Editing, and Deleting Groups: Add, edit, and delete email groups without the need to utilize Google’s Admin Console. Clone email settings from an active email group to a new email group simplifying the process and ensuring proper group settings.
  • Edit Advanced Business Groups: These are just the normal high-level settings that you can set for an email group (Add to the company directory, Archive setting, Basic settings and permissions, and ability to disable group).

Granular Visibility and Control

  • Audit Agent: Monitor all emails and/or chats on that user’s account without the end user’s knowledge.
  • Store Reports: Create and save reports that can be scheduled to run at a later date and time.
  • Re-run Reports: Ability to manually run existing reports at any time.
  • Log All User Changes: Logs any user changes that take place in gPanel®, when they take place, and who performed that action.
  • Log All Calendar Logs: Logs any calendar transfers that take place: the user that initiated the transfer, the status of the transfer, and when it took place.
  • Log All Drive Changes: Logs any drive transfers that take place: the user that initiated the transfer, the status of the transfer, and when it took place.

Permissions Management

  • View/Edit Shares on Google Drive: View and edit shares on Google Drive domain-wide.
  • View Docs based on Share Type: View based on shared publicly, shared externally, etc.
  • Assign and Edit Roles: Manage access with over 1000 permission sets.

gPanel Enterprise Exclusive Features

While gPanel Starter and Standard provides essential Google Workspace management capabilities, the Enterprise tier takes it up a notch with two tier-exclusive features: advanced reporting and our new gPanel API. 

gPanel API 

With gPanel Enterprise, you can integrate other operational tools more easily to manage and audit data with cross-platform integration. In addition, the Enterprise edition offers advanced automation so you can streamline onboarding, decommissioning, and standard policies.

You can also increase visibility and transparency by accessing all system logs.

Advanced Reporting

Both gPanel Standard and Enterprise include 70+ reports that provide invaluable data on your organization's Google Workspace usage, document sharing, and other critical activities.

In Enterprise, however, there are four unique reports — the Activities Shared Report (My Drive), Activities Shared Report (Shared Drive), Activities Shared Report from My Drive (Public), and Activities Shared Report from Shared Drive Report (Public) — that span a user's full lifecycle.

This is well beyond the six month's worth of information available in both gPanel Standard and Google Admin Console. These reports are also available as decommissioning actions to simplify offboarding workflows. 


About Promevo

If you’re looking to get more out of your Google Workspace subscription, Promevo’s exclusive gPanel software gives you the tools you need. With robust reporting and management features and oversight capabilities, admins can ensure the security of their organization while enforcing policies, creating custom Gmail settings, and so much more. gPanel gives you control over your Google Workspace domain like never before.

As a certified Google partner, Promevo is proud to offer end-to-end support from consultation through implementation. Wherever you are in your Google journey, we’re here to guide you to get the most out of these innovative tools. If you want to get started with gPanel, learn more here or contact us today.


FAQs: Google Workspace Settings with gPanel Enterprise

How do I add a user in gPanel?

User Management is the first page you see when you open gPanel. It acts as a home page for gPanel because it gives you the ability to quickly access all the users in your domain, their information, and automate functions from one convenient interface. User management through gPanel is efficient and intuitive.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for adding a user.

How does gPanel differ from Google Admin Console?

Google Admin Console is Google’s own centralized dashboard that helps admins manage all of their Chrome devices and Google Workspace services. It lets you manage users, devices, apps, billing preferences, and more.

gPanel, on the other hand, is Promevo's proprietary Google Workspace management and reporting platform. This centralized user management, reporting, and security interface automates many common admin tasks and provides visibility and complete control over users’ data and settings.

For more on the specific differences between these platforms, click here.

What is a Google administrator account?

A Google administrator account is an account that can manage Google services and devices for a company, organization, or school.


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