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45 Unique Ways to Use Gemini for Google Workspace

Since Google Gemini hit the scene, it has been showing us new ways to boost both our productivity and creativity. But how can you put it to work in your organization?

This article will offer a starting point for you to glean a few ideas from, and is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just some of the unique things you do with Gemini for Google Workspace.


What Is Gemini for Google Workspace?

Gemini is Google's new generative AI assistant developed by DeepMind and Google Research. It’s designed to understand and generate multiple types of data like text, images, audio, and other complex information. Integrated into the Google Workspace platform, this tool helps users write, visualize, organize, and connect in new ways. 

With all this in mind, you can see how Gemini represents a significant leap forward for Google, combining the best aspects of Bard and Duet AI into one versatile tool. It's designed to meet the diverse needs of both developers and content creators, with the overall goal of tailored support that boosts your productivity and enhances your creativity.

Unlike Chat GPT and Claud, Gemini is more than just a third-party chat bot. It natively integrates with Google Workspace means that it can be put to use in any Google app. Gmail, Docs, Slides, Gmail — you name it.

For a closer look at its capabilities, you can chat with Gemini here or read more about its functionalities within Google Workspace here.


34 Ways to Use Gemini for Google Workspace

Google has gone into great detail about how different companies are currently using Gemini to create customer support, data agents, employee engagement tools, and more. But there are a wealth of use cases that are still unexplored — or at least, not as frequently discussed. 

Let’s take a look at a few unique ways you can leverage Gemini within your organization — and particularly — within Google Workspace.

1. Auto-generate meeting agendas

Automatically create structured meeting agendas based on the meeting’s purpose and participants. You’ll save a lot of time with Gemini so you can focus on the actual meeting.

2. Create custom templates for project plans

So you have a project plan, but now you need to make the template. If you don’t have the time, Gemini can help you design bespoke templates for project management tailored to your specific team’s needs.

3. Generate real-time brainstorming ideas during meetings

Provide instant creative suggestions during brainstorming sessions. You won’t have to stop and think as much when Gemini can do the heavy lifting for you. 

4. Summarize long email threads

Without a doubt, this has been a popular use case for generative AI since it came out, but Gemini is particularly good at condensing lengthy email exchanges into concise summaries.

5. Auto-format documents with consistent styles

You can use Gemini to ensure all of your documents follow a uniform style and format automatically. If you work with a variety of different documents, this can be a life saver.

6. Create visual presentations from text data

If you’re someone who often needs to create briefs or pitch decks, then Gemini can help you transform boring textual information into visually engaging presentations.

7. Generate instant translations for global teams

Working with a global team comes with its own set of challenges, so using Gemini to provide real-time translations in Google Meet can help you facilitate communication among international teams.

8. Automate data entry in Sheets

You can use Gemini to automatically populate spreadsheets with data from various sources to cut some of the drudgery from your work day.

9. Predictive text for email responses

Many of the emails we send are the same when you boil it down. Gemini can inject its knowledge to suggest responses for your emails based on past communication patterns.

10. Create dynamic pivot tables from raw data

Nobody ever said they love creating pivot tables, but Gemini has a knack for it. You can use it to automatically generate your pivot tables to analyze large datasets.

11. Auto-generate graphs and charts in Slides

Creating illustrative graphs and charts from data for presentations doesn’t take much time if you use Gemini to do the hard part.

12. Automate customer feedback analysis

This is another way generative AI comes to the rescue. You can use it to analyze customer feedback and generate actionable insights.

13. Generate content suggestions for marketing campaigns

Gemini has been trained on a mountain of marketing data and advertising language. So it can provide creative content ideas for your marketing efforts.

14. Draft personalized sales pitches

Sales pitches might be one thing but personalized sales pitches are another ball game. Gemini can use its text generation abilities to help you create tailored sales pitches based on your own customer data. But rest assured that your information is secure.

15. Create automated to-do lists from meetings

While you’re focusing on the meeting, Gemini can be in the background remembering what you actually need to do once the meeting ends, by generating task lists from meeting discussions and decisions.

16. Generate AI-driven financial forecasts

No one knows what the future holds when it comes to finances, but Gemini can give you an idea by predicting financial outcomes using AI-based analysis.

17. Automate report generation

Making reports is not as fun as it sounds, and when you’re tired of it, you can offload the work to Gemini and create detailed reports automatically from collected data.

18. Assist in coding within Google Apps Script

If you’re not a programmer, you probably need to ask someone or turn to Google when it comes to writing code. Gemini already has the details down and can provide coding assistance and suggestions for Google Apps Script.

19. Generate compliance reports

Compliance reports can add plenty of headaches to your work day, so using Gemini to automatically create reports can help you ensure regulatory compliance without boring you to death.

20. Create AI-powered chatbots for internal queries

This is a big one if your company has a lot of employees. Develop chatbots to answer employee questions and assist with tasks.

21. Auto-generate training materials

Another useful task that you can offload to Gemini is the production of training documents and presentations based on existing content.

22. Manage project timelines with predictive analytics

Many projects seem to always take longer than expected, but at least you have someone else to blame when you use Gemini’s predictive analytics to manage and adjust your project timelines.

23. Generate instant summaries of research papers

If you’re like most of us, digging into research papers is not the highlight of your day. Gemini can help you summarize scientific papers or other dense material quickly for easy review.

24. Enhance cybersecurity protocols with AI analysis

For those of us who are clueless about cybersecurity, Gemini can be a great tool to use when you want to identify and mitigate potential security threats.

25. Automate the creation of FAQ documents

You might not have time to write all those FAQ (frequently asked questions) documents, especially if you do a lot of copywriting or content generation. Gemini is a great asset for automatically compiling frequently asked questions and their answers.

26. Generate workflow automation scripts

If you don’t know your way around automation scripts, or just don’t feel like putting in the time and effort, you can use Gemini to create scripts to automate your routine tasks and workflows.

27. Create interactive data dashboards

This is a big one if you are someone who works with a lot of data. Gemini can take some of the pressure off of building dynamic dashboards to visualize data interactively.

28. Predict project risks

You don’t always need to hire a human consultant. Instead, you can turn to Gemini to identify and predict potential risks in projects using AI.

29. Automate customer onboarding processes

If your customer base is rapidly growing, you’ll often find that your time to onboard all of them personally is rapidly shrinking. You can use Gemini to streamline the onboarding process for new customers with automated steps.

30. Create personalized newsletters

Generating newsletters tailored to individual subscriber preferences can take a ton of time to do manually, but Gemini is great at speeding up the process.

31. Auto-generate onboarding documents

Automatically draft onboarding documents for new hires based on standard templates and inputs. Be sure to fine-tune the content to match with your organization’s unique policies, though. 

32. Assist in language learning with real-time feedback

Gemini most likely knows more languages than you do. So why not put it to work to provide immediate feedback and corrections for language learners?

33. Enhance virtual team collaboration with AI-generated insights

Another benefit of generative AI is the instant creation of ideas — invaluable when you want to improve team collaboration with insights and suggestions from AI.

34. Generate dynamic job descriptions and role requirements

If your company has a lot of open positions to fill, then making out job descriptions is a pain. Gemini can help you automatically create detailed job descriptions based on role requirements and company standards. 

35. Craft compelling marketing content 

Generative AI can help your marketing team generate a first draft of blog posts, articles, and social media posts. See how the Promevo Marketing team makes use of Gemini here

36. Simplify script creation 

Speaking of marketing content, you can also use Gemini for Google Workspace to draft video scripts and ideas. Whether you need a product promo or a welcome video for new hires, Gemini can help you get started more effectively. 

37. Manage your stock and forecast needs  

Do you use Google Sheets to manage your business’s inventory? Try using Gemini to take your spreadsheets to the next level and more accurately forecast your inventory needs — without having to add in complex formulas yourself. 

38. Improve internal email communications 

Do you ever feel like your technical and non-technical colleagues are all speaking different languages? Gemini can help your teams communicate more effectively via email by summarizing all of the key points and helping everyone focus on what matters, rather than getting lost in the weeds. 

39. Draft budgets in a snap 

Does your team ever travel to in-person conferences or meetings? Gemini for Google Workspace can help you generate budgets for your trip in Sheets, so you can easily track and manage all your expenses. One of our Cloud Sales Specialists demonstrates how to generate this kind of spreadsheet here.  

40. Level up your team building and strategy sessions 

Try using Gemini to create compelling scenarios or fun team building exercises that teams can discuss and work through together.  

41. Proofread like a professional  

Unfortunately, spell check doesn’t catch everything. Input your writing into Gemini and it can help you check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

42. Generate interview questions 

Gemini for Google Workspace can help you generate interesting, relevant interview questions for new hires, subject matter experts, prospects, and more. 

43. Find continuing education and training opportunities 

Did you know you could use the Gemini chat feature to locate relevant training materials and further your skills across a variety of topics? 

44. Enhance your website 

Gemini can help you elevate your coding game — whether you have prior experience or not. Use it to generate code snippets and troubleshoot website issues. 

45. Resonate with potential clients 

Having trouble engaging with your prospects? Use Gemini to craft persuasive call scripts, pitches, talk tracks, and more. 


Get Started With Gemini

Generative AI is here to stay, so getting a handle on how you can leverage Gemini for Google Workspace is paramount. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg and should give you a good place to start when it comes to using AI in your own organization.

If your organization is thinking about investing in AI, contact Promevo. We offer a multi-stage Gemini for Google Workspace Pilot Workshop designed to help your business evaluate this tool for your unique needs and create a successful path to adoption. 

Contact us today to schedule your workshop and learn how you can make the most out of this exciting new technology.


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