How To Add a Resource in the Google Admin Console

Adding resources in the Google Admin console makes it easy for your organization to find and book features like company cars, video equipment, phone rooms, and more. Let’s look at how to add resources in the Google Admin console so your team can use these features when needed.

Before you begin

  • Before you can start using a Google Meet Hardware kit, you have to add a resource to the Google Admin console.
  • You must have at least one building configured in your domain. You can find instructions on adding a building in the Admin console here. Once you have a building configured in the Admin console, you can add a new resource.

  1. From the Admin console home page, go to Menu, then click “Directory,” then “Buildings and resources.”

  2. Click “Open” in the Resource Management section.

  3. Point to and click “Add New Resource.”
  4. Enter the resource information. Select one of these categories:

    • Meeting Space - Resources used for meetings or conferences that can be as small as a phone room.
    • Other Resources - Resources that aren’t used for meetings. For example, a bicycle or company car.
  5. Select the Building and Floor. 
  6. Complete the remaining fields. Once you have finished entering the correct information, click “Add Resource.”

Note that once a resource is added, it can take up to 24 hours before you can assign the resource to a Google Meet device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a resource in Google Workspace?

To book a room or resource for your event, open the Google Calendar app and create a new event or open an existing one. Then, tap “Add a room,” add the room and/or resource you want, and click “Save.” Once this is done, other users in your organization won’t be able to book that resource at the same time.

How do I add a resource calendar to Google Admin?

  1. If the resource you want to manage doesn’t exist yet in Calendar, create the resource.
  2. Sign in with your admin account and open Calendar.
  3. On the left, next to Other Calendars, click “Add,” then “Browse resources.”
  4. Click the building or location for the resource.
  5. Next to the resource, check the box to add it to your My calendars list.

How do I change the auto-generated resource name in Google Admin?

To rename resources in the Google Admin console, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Admin console with an administrator account.
  2. In the Admin console, go to the Menu, then click “Directory,” then “Buildings and resources.”
  3. Next, open Resource management and click on the resource you want to rename. Click “Details.”
  4. Enter the new resource name and click “Save.”

Usually, this update is immediate, but it may take up to 7 days to change everywhere.

How do I get Google resources?

To create buildings, features, and resources in Google Calendar, follow these instructions.